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My Shadow owner and trainer Jenny East Cole is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). She is also insured through the APDT.


Jenny's passion for working with dogs started in Alaska over twenty-five years ago with a team of family-owned Alaskan huskies. Besides training and running a recreational sled dog team, she also won trophies for competitive weight pulling.


From 2005-2014 she raised eight guide and service dog puppies, most of whom went on to become working assistance dogs. Her family moved to Virginia in 2006, and in 2012 Jenny started My Shadow Dog Training, which serves the Danville-Pittsylvania County and surrounding areas. Jenny is also a field trainer for St Francis Service Dogs of Roanoke, working closely with the school's training team and advance training service dogs.


Jenny and her black Lab, Dorian, are a registered, certified therapy dog team with Pet Partners. She also was co-founder and currently oversees the 25-member group, Hearts of Gold Therapy Dogs of Virginia, in the Danville-Pittsylvania County area. The group visits libraries, schools, SOVAH Health (Danville Hospital), multiple nursing and assisted living homes, as well as programs for the developmentally disabled. Jenny is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and Tester/Observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Jenny has taken several courses in CARAT - Clothier Animal Response Assessment Testing - which involves extensive work in dog observation skills to determine best choices for an individual dog.

Since August, 2017, Jenny has been working with local shelters to assess, foster and then adopt rescue dogs that show strong potential for companion dogs for individuals with disabilities, veterans, or those looking for a therapy dog. In November, 2018, she started The Veteran Project whose slogan is: Serving Veterans, Rescuing Dogs.


With thousands of hours of hands-on training experience, Jenny is familiar with a wide range of breeds, ages and temperaments. Just as important, she strives to build a close working relationship with the owner. She models her training methods after nationally acclaimed trainers/dog behaviorists such as Suzanne Clothier and Patricia McConnell, and has attended workshops on:  training adolescent dogs, canine body language, play in dog rehabilitation, dog-dog interactions, and relationship-centered training. Her mission statement can be read to the right.

My Services

Six-week long Beginning / Intermediate Canine Manners classes, as well as Canine Good Citizen classes and testing. I also offer private lessons for those preferring one-on-one instruction. 

My Mission

Besides good manners and mutual respect, I strive to build a closer, stronger connection between you and your dog - so you can ultimately say, “My dog is my shadow.”

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My Class Locations


Under the Oakes 

3897 Payneton Rd.

Chatham, VA  24531


Danville - Leggett Town & Country 

Leggett Town & Country

335 Mount Cross Rd.

Danville, VA  24540

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