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My Credentials

My Shadow owner and trainer Jenny East Cole is a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), and is insured through the APDT. Jenny is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. She is also a certified Tester/Observer with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Jenny has won 3 Advanced AKC Trick Titles with her 3-year Lab, Summit.

My Philosophy on Dog Training

Relationship is key. A dog is a member of your family and your relationship is all-important. From Day One when your pup enters your home, you have the opportunity to build a connection - a connection based on respect, love, trust and shared mutual experiences. This is especially important in the first 2 years of a dog's life. Connection cannot be achieved by sending your dog off for board-and-train. My Shadow strives to help you understand and communicate with your dog, using methods that are positive, and no e-collars.

Every Dog is Different. My Shadow believes each dog is unique, just as each person is unique. Sometimes a dog can come to us with a complex, or less-than-positive history that directly affects how the dog behaves. Some cases need focused attention. If needs aren't met for the dog, it can cause problems and stress for everyone. Jenny's experience with many differing breeds and temperaments, and her extensive work with shelter/rescue dogs helps you recognize your dog's needs, following through with a good plan of action. She helps the dog to become an asset and beloved family member - not a liability and source of stress.

My Training Experience

  • Trained and ran a sled dog team in Alaska.

  • Spent 8 years volunteer-raising 8 guide and service dog puppies, living and training in my home, socializing them to the strict standards of service/guide dog schools.

  • Started My Shadow Dog Training in 2012, teaching group classes and offering private lessons.

  • Contract trainer since 2015 for Saint Francis Service Dogs of Roanoke, advance training service dogs for people with disabilities. Dogs learn upwards of 50 commands and tasks. 

  • Initiated The Veteran Project which matched combat veterans with shelter dogs.

  • Extensive therapy dog work with my two therapy dogs certified with Pet Partners and Alliance of Therapy Dogs. 

  • Co-founder and overseer of Hearts of Gold Therapy Dogs of Virginia, a 20-member group serving Danville-Pittsylvania County, visiting many rehab facilities and hospitals, as well as providing de-stress therapy for Hargrave Military Academy, Averett University, Liberty University and University of Virginia.


My Continuing Education

I do extensive education on an ongoing basis: dog observation skills and assessment, canine enrichment, training adolescent dogs, canine body language, dog interactions, relationship-centered training, trick and performance training, and much more.


Jenny's training methods focus on education and a working relationship with both the dog AND the owner. Her mission statement can be read to the right.

My Services

Six-week Manners classes and Canine Good Citizen classes. Private lessons for those preferring one-on-one instruction. 

My Mission

Besides good manners and mutual respect, I strive to build a closer, stronger connection between you and your dog - so you can say, “My dog is my shadow.”

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     Facility Location


Under the Oakes 

3897 Payneton Rd.

Chatham, VA  24531


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