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Group Classes

Group Classes are Small in Size and Done Outdoors

We focus on building relationship and lowering frustration

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Manners I

Our Most Popular Course:

Six-Week Foundational Course

for Puppies, Adolescents and Adult Dogs

Teaching the Owner, as well as the Pup


  • How to communicate clearly so your Dog understands

  • Sit, Down, Stay and Come

  • Leash walking basics

  • Proper house manners; Fixing behaviors like mouthing, jumping on people, etc.

  • Encourage focus and attention

  • Dogs <1 year of age are eligible for AKC Star Certification Program

  • Building your relationship through enrichment, games, proper toy play, and fun activities

  • Leadership that is firm but fair - no e-collars!

  • Socializing your dog correctly; Proper etiquette when out in public.


The Oakes, 3897 Payneton Rd, Chatham, Va

We meet once a week for six weeks. Class lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Cost is $130 for the 6-week session. 

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Paws-itive Walks
With Your Dog

A Brand New My Shadow Course!

Walking your dog should be a fun daily activity. Instruction paired with walking.

Benefits include:

  • Exercise needs met - for both dog and handler

  • Practical and safe leash skills

  • Relationship building

  • Socializing properly around other people and dogs.

  • Reducing behaviors such as pulling, barking, and not paying attention

  • Meeting the dog's needs to be a dog: games and activities on walks


Anglers Park, 350 Northside Dr, Danville, Va

We meet once a week in the evening, for three weeks. Class lasts 1.5 hours.

Register through Danville Parks and Recreation. 


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