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The Veteran Project

Frequently Asked Questions
Are there fees associated with getting a The Veteran Project dog?

There are no fees for finding, screening and training a TVP dog for a veteran. We are under the non-profit Lynchburg Area Veterans Council, and our services are donated. Adoption fees from the shelter can vary, but TVP is often successful in having the fee waived or discounted because the dog is for a needing veteran. Upon adoption, TVP also provides the veteran with a Veteran Placement Package free of charge. This includes a month’s supply of dog food and flea-tick preventative, dog crate, bedding, toys, chews, leashes, collar, dog treats and other supplies.

The veteran does need to be financially able to care for the dog through the dog’s life, providing vet care, food and preventatives.


How do I apply for a Veteran Project dog?

The first step is to fill out the application and send it in. As soon as we receive the application, we notify you and set up an appointment for a home interview. At the interview we will ask questions about your needs, lifestyle and preferences that will help us find the right dog for you at the shelter. 


After I apply, what happens next?

Once a dog is located, TVP will work with the shelter to place the dog in foster care and work on its training, ensuring the dog is a good fit for the veteran. We have a Meet and Greet Day, where the veteran meets the dog. If that goes well, the next step is Adoption Day which is done through the shelter, followed by the dog living with the veteran. After adoption, TVP periodically checks on how the partnership is going. We are there to help by answering questions, giving advice or additional training and visits – whatever support is needed for your match to be successful. 


I am interested in donating to The Veteran Project. How would I do this?

TVP appreciates any and all financial assistance for such expenses as the fostering period of the dog, the Veteran Placement Package, and other dog-related expenses. Please make checks out to Lynchburg Area Veterans Council and specify The Veteran Project. 

Mail to: Lynchburg Area Veterans Council, PO Box 1104, Forest, VA 24551. And thank you!

I am interested in volunteering with The Veteran Project. What does TVP need help with?

TVP needs help with many volunteer services, including foster care, transportation of dogs, help with training at dog classes, help with screening, interviewing and even administrative and media support. We especially welcome veteran volunteers.

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John Hairston and Merle. Photo by Laura Mae Photography.

For more information, please contact:  
Jenny East Cole at 434.770.3256 or by email at

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